Nikon P7700 or Sony RX100?

Started Oct 13, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Nikon P7700 or Sony RX100?

Here's the first question that you should ask yourself: Do i want/need a pocket camera or are you ok carrying a camera over your neck?

If you want/can carry it in your pocket, or on your belt (small pouch), then you need the RX100 or Canon S110. Both offer great IQ, RX100 is better of the two.

If you are ok being the guy with the camera that you are carrying on your neck, the P7700. How about the SONY NEX 5N? its priced cheaper than RX100.

Ergonomically speaking, the P7700 is much easier to use and learn how to do photography due to the multiple dials and buttons (you dont have to deal with an on screen menu). For you though, it sounds like you dont care about these things. So maybe a P7700 will be too confusing and too many buttons at your finger tips. The RX100 is an easier point and shoot experience in that respect.

IQ - the RX100 has a larger sensor which negates some of the benefit of the extra zoom length on the P7700, and the jpg engine is excellent, you dont really need RAW.

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