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Re: Agreed

Mako2011 wrote:

Rdefen wrote:

It's actually not a trivial problem.

Agreed.  In this specific case though...The OP simply needs not worry about loss of Copyright

I refer to my previous posts.

Those were already covered. The really important thing here is that on this site posting a pic to ones gallery or post in no way alters the poster's copyright ownership.  If you have any facts to the contrary that would be greatly appreciated by all. Good luck going forward in all things.

as anyone with experience in the photography business and its contracts knows, a nonexclusive license to one other party for display on web sites under its control means the potential loss of all or nearly all the economic value of further licensing.

it means you cannot grant an exclusive right to any other party.

whether you retain "copyright ownership" or not is moot.

until dpreview changes its terms or moves its architecture back from the immutable placement of images in forum postings, you take that risk posting here.

their recent announcement of a significantly different new site and just rolling over dpreview user identity credentials is another big red flag.  can they announce any new site, say it's 'part' of dpreview, and display your works there?

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