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Re: no, your rights can be compromised by posting here

Rdefen wrote:

"But all these questions have been thought over long and hard, and best practices settled, 7-10 years ago, as regards both forums and photography."

I think the respective parties paying the legal bills to have the court decipher the Twitter TOS (AFP v. Morel) would either laugh or cry if they read that.

I see you have the kind of mind that obsesses about edge cases, to the extent you are blind to areas where the law and practices are nicely settled.

Public interest law sounds right for you.

i believe it is evident to those of us who've watched the forum space for the past 15 years that the dpreview terms and conditions look very much like some of the late 1990s and early 2000s forum plays.  you get the impression that they're making the same errors, and will go through the same rough lessons.  sadly, the can't see the icebergs for themselves and their users dead ahead.  apparently, neither can you.

meanwhile, the best practices are nicely settled, and available for a small price at one of two dozen firms, or by hiring an experienced inside counsel.  or, if you're a do it yourself type, with a little research.

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