FZ200 - My Commitment to learning how to use this camera!

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FZ200 - My Commitment to learning how to use this camera!

Hi friends out there in FZ200-land.

I have found in my life that it's usually not until all my options have been removed from me, my bridges have been blown up, and my boats burned, that I begin to seriously dig down deep to find solutions to the situations I'm stuck in and the challenges I face.

Such is the case with my FZ200 purchase. First, my 15-day Henry's Canada trial period ran out, then last Friday my extended "10-more-days grace" period also ran out, and now it's just me and the camera... for better or for worse we're stuck with each other for some time to come. And that's a good thing as Martha Stewart would say. Because now I'm going to really get serious about making this baby sing.

On top of any lingering doubts I might still have had about the FZ200 I am now finding the Canon PowerShot SX50 being slowly dangled before my eyes with a little non-angelic being on my shoulder whispering, "You bought too fast, you should have waited, this one's better, you really blew it..."


First of all, the FZ200 has so many great things going for it (read the reviews including the latest one by techradar just posted here today) not to mention an amazing Leica lens and a great FZ pedigree that there's got to be a sure-fire, reproducible methodology to getting the maximum performance and image quality out of this camera, and I'm determined to find it (or them).

So I want to state openly on this very friendly and wonderful forum that I am committed to learning everything there is to know about this camera and making it perform to the levels that I know it can consistently attain. I love a good challenge and in addition to being a bit of an artsie-fartsie type when it comes to photos and videos I'm also a hopeless turbo-geek and really like getting into the techie stuff... so I'm going for it!!!

Anyway, there's my little thing/rant just to let you know that here in Ottawa we'll be pulling out all the stops to learn this camera inside and out.

Have a great day!


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
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