EX1 stolen ..lingering UI regrets

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EX1 stolen ..lingering UI regrets

My EX1/TL5000 (new Jan2011) was stolen in Sacramento CA (Aug2011) along with all its chargers, SD cards etc in a small shoulder bag. Although I was among those who posted detailed ‘wish-list critiques’ in early 2011 of the several UI issues in this v1.0 camera (no need repeating them), I have lingering regrets about a particular usability issue: Power-ON-Zoomed-Shutter-Ready-Time.

Meaning: although the EX1 powered ON shutter-ready in perhaps one second, I typically had to wait a full 4-count before the zoom lever would respond. Not good. On many occasions, I knew the next shot required ‘50mm’ or full tele zoom. Even if the subject was static (or a walking-speed parade), it was often a time-urgent shot because I wanted to avoid some unsightly ‘element’ that was about to enter the scene, or wanted to capture some desirable element before it turned or left the scene. The EX1 had No option to “remember last zoom position” on power-up, and keeping it ON by touching shutter half-press to prevent power-down only consumed the short battery life. So knowing it wouldn't full-zoom quickly enough, I often skipped taking the shot. [Have I overlooked some setting?]

And on several sunny days, the ‘beautiful’ AMOLED LCD let me down: e.g. while shooting large bronze statues against an urban park forest canopy, the LCD would not distinguish the bronze from the trees for framing, no matter what LCD brightness options I tried. To my chagrin, I could see the bronze object distinguished in the LCDs of other nearby tourists cameras (or phones!)

As a Powershot (A6xx, G_) user with priority for faster-glass, I chose the EX1 instead of the G11/G12. On-the-theft-rebound in Dec2011, I lucked into a 1-day Gold Box sale on my initial 3rd choice: Panasonic LX5. What a refreshing choice! Although it lacks the essential-to-me swivel LCD, and seems quite unable to properly AWB or WB anything under simple-or-mixed fluorescent light ..the functionality of all its buttons and switches is Just Right (IMO). Especially (EX1-wise): LX5 remembers last Zoom on power Off/On  ..and has a Step-Zoom option (I like to start instantly from 50mm). And the LX5 Aspect Ratio switch I assumed was a gimmick: not so, each setting remembers its own pixel dimensions size (mine’s set to quickly click among 10mp, 7mp, 5mp, 3mp without menus ..e.g. hi-res of scene, lo-res of placard describing scene). EX1 has a great Classic B&W mode, but it’s buried deep in menus (and is not ‘sticky’ in&out between RGB modes, so too much hassle); whereas the similarly excellent LX5 Dynamic B&W mode is instantly available: clicking top dial between PASM and My Colors icon ..the specific B&W option is retained through power Off/On  It seems the LX5 can function ‘manually’ nearly menu-free.

I’m not here to troll about LX5; I’ve paid my EX1 dues.

Duane S  

..nothing timely about this post, I merely finally got around to it.  Also my first post in revised DP forums (no Post Preview? so need first compose off-line?) so hope this plain text formats OK as 4-paragraphs.

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