1dx and f8 addressed in firmware update

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buellom wrote:

Sure, Canon should have made it better right away.

But Canon corrects a questionable design decision and uses a firmware update to improve a camera. And the 7D was improved too by firmware update. In most cases - at least as far as I remember - Canon (as most other Japenese companies of the industry) published firmware updates to corrects bugs. (And no, the AF capabilities were a design decision, not a bug.) This seems to me a new behavior.

I'm maybe impressed because I would have betted that Canon won't change anything about the two issues (at least until the 1DX Mark II).

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It is pure business calculation - looking at the competition landscape Canon decided that FW update in the case of the 7D will do (instead of pushing to 7D2). Nothing, I repeat nothing has to do with customer friendliness here. We wouldn't have had that update if there was a 7D2 shortly planned.

As was business decision to allow the F8 for the 1Dx. It has only that much to do with Canon as it correlates into sales.

Generally speaking though, I personally don't understand thanking for things which should be there for granted (old standard highly useful functionality). It goes not only for Canon but this is sort of new trend - e.g. to sell a software which has feature X in version 1, doesn't have it in the version 2 and is sold as a new feature in version 3. This only seems to show the short memory of consumers or lack of real choice in the marketplace.

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