Best camera for interior photography?

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Re: Best camera for interior photography?

You got a good answer from from MrMojo IMO. Since you're on a tight budget you need to stick to the most important things and an entry level dSLR + tripod + a wide zoom lens is all you really need. Personally I like flip out screens like the one on Nikon D5100 a lot when using a tripod, Canon 600D also have this feature. A D3200 give the same image quality, but with a fixed screen. The Sigma 10-20 is decent quality (even the F4-5.6 one) and available for both Canon and Nikon (and Sony).

If you get a camera with just a kit lens then you'll get quite a bit distortion in the wide end, and 18mm (28mm equivalent) probably isn't wide enough for all you images. Stitching might solve that, and it's fine for a few images, but fairly timeconsuming if you need it a lot.

Same goes for HDR (combining more than one image to handle higher dynamic range). It can give excellent results, but also take a lot of time to get right so you might need some kind of flash or other means to light your projects (or part of them), depending on the rooms and how well they are lit.

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