XE1 Arrived! Initial thoughts and photos...

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Re: How sharp is the 35mm at wide open?

Willing wrote:

Could you tell me if the 35mm f1.4 takes very sharp pics at wide open or needs to be stopped down a little bit?? Thanks! Wish your samples were little bit larger!!

I just got X-e1 and 35mm a couple of days ago and I use Nikon D3's and D700's and top glass and the 35 fuji is very sharp wide open. I love the lens very happy with it and the way it renders the background separation.  The disappointing thing is the lens hood is just cheap plastic that will fall off very easily, I don't think I can keep it on the lens and carry the camera around like you can with a SLR.

The quality of the sensor is on par with my D3 I might add.

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