printer feed problem on an Epson 3880 finally solved.

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Re: printer feed problem on an Epson 3880 finally solved.

DJG: I did not want to bring the subject of Color Management up unltil someone else did. So now that it has been brought up, I will not feel so bad to say what I want to say.

If you were eiditing your images on a properly calibrated monitor, using custom produced ICC profiles for the specifik papers / inks and printer you are using, you would NOT have to run test prints.

You are making adjustments to the printer driver to get to the print that you feel is great which when you think about it, makes your carefull editing on your monitor somewhat moot.

I put together a three part video running through the basic process of calibration and creation of profiles to paper / ink / printer.

I can produce prints that match my monitor, on any of my printers with any paper and ink I have on hand by simply followingf these basic copor managament rules.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us, or you can email or PM me.

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