What is the meaning of life (to a Sony Alpha photographer)?

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Re: What is the meaning of life (to a Sony Alpha photographer)?

EvilOne wrote:

dennis mullen wrote:

Bill, I liked your first installment but not so sure about the second.

When a camera has a glaring problem that can be fixed and the company isn't doing anything about it someone needs to say something and I'm happy to do it. God bless Sony.


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There is nothing wrong with a discussion on short comings... IM all for that... IM not one to bury my head in the sand if there is an issue... what I was saying is that if you are not " Happy" with Sony's Flash systems, then  go to Metz,, Don't trash the camera..... So many people say that Sony went to EVF and that is a deal breaker... People who don't even own the camera, wont give it a chance, and are ready to bitch without seeing if it can be better...

Well for every one of you, there are two of me, a person coming from an EVF (owned a33 for near 2 years now and shot with a57/a77). I am now shooting on a very attractive pentaprism via my K30 and I rarely over or underexpose. If by chance, I deem a scene worthy of electronic eyeballs, I can still simply fire up the LV machine. This is most likely when I am not relying on auto metering, such as when using M mode. Then again, I won't likely be pressed for time in this situation, which means LV is perfectly suitable.

The real issue for many I think, is that with a true SLR, you still have the option of electronic or optical, but with a SLT or mirrorless, you are forced into electronic only. There are advantages of an EVF of course, like sensor based tracking even through a VF ect. This for me and many others does not outweigh the freedom of choosing your poison.

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