I pad or android questions

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Re: I pad or android questions

Have been on night shift for a while so not able to reply. I am now able to transfer pictures into the Ipad from my desktop using Photo manager Pro via FTP and cyberduck so thanks for the link Menneisyys.

As for tethering to my android phone have managed this as well via bluetooth but not without feeling stupid when I realised how easy it was. I could get the Ipad to see the phone and phone to see the Ipad and after selecting the option to pair on both devices the message on the phone was "paired but not connected" and on the Ipad "not Connected" so ended up phoning the Phone providers help desk and got nowhere fast they gave me the Apple helpdesk and they could not help either so several days went past when I tried again same result and was looking at the Ipad settings like I had a hundred times before in the Bluetooth options I checked that the model name of my phone was showing and for some reason pressed on this to see if there was a drop down menu with more options when wham up come the notice "connected" Doh!!!(so just touch the phone model on the settings screen and it connects) and have been on the net since I only write this here in the hope it might help others at some point who are having a senior moment like me but in my defence Apple could not help me either.

Wazu thank you for your interesting link about the Hyperdrive I could have done with this last year as I did a big trip for 6 weeks including China Australia and California in fact stayed in Yosemite in the same tent cabins at curry camp where these poor folk picked up this nasty virus. I see you now use the Oly OMD I have the same it is a great camera and size wise good for travel


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