Merrill goes to Manila

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Re: Merrill goes to Manila

panpen wrote:

Nice pictures but with so much PP it's hard to say how much is you and how much the camera.

Fair enough. I try to be subtle in my PP, i.e, if it looks like PP, it's too much. The end result is what counts. I do very little in Lightroom except crop, add +10 clarity and subtract a little vibrance. A little NR as needed. (With this camera and lens; otherwise I need to do CA, distortion, vignetting, and so on.) In Color Efex Pro I typically use the tonal contrast, pro contrast, and image border filters. Maybe one or two others, but in a very subtle way. Once in a while I get a little wild, but then I'm looking for an artistic effect, not a natural one. Here's an example:

The newest version of Lightroom is very good, and with its cataloging and printing modules, it is my main workhorse. But I still like the results I get from applying a few filters in Color Efex, and wouldn't want to do any serious PP without it.



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