Awful pics using the flash in FZ150

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Re: Awful pics using the flash in FZ150

bimbobo wrote:

I had to take some pics with the FZ 150.

It was in low light with 2 lamps in the room. I tried P,S,A mode and the built-in flash. The result was a disaster.

Either everything was blown up, white and lacking all details, or dark and underexposed as h***.

The only way to take a decent pic was in IA mode.

I tried flash settings too,.. lower, higher nothing IA mode was the deal.

I like the quality of the pics a lot in general, but the flash.. is useless.

Any suggestion? I have also an external flash to mount, I will test that too.

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Ignorant photograph beginner

You have a few options:

1) Try using negative flash exposure compensation (FEC). If you find that the lighting is still too harsh, then you should investigate option (2).

2) Invest in an on-camera flash diffuser. Search for Professor Kobre's Lightscoop, Gary Fong Puffer, and LumiQuest SoftScreen. With any of these, you can also use FEC for maximum flexibility. These diffusers are designed with DSLRs in mind, but they may also work with the FZ150.

3) Use an external flash bounced on the ceiling.

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