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Craig from Nevada wrote:

The people at Olympus Four Thirds talk, in addition to being pretty darn good photographers, are among the most helpful on DPReview.  Ask a question and get the best help people can provide.  With the exception of one or two people, the advice is offered to both the beginner and the pro with respect.  This is a contrast to some other places at DPReview.  I have learned a great deal here about photography and my equipment.

That is exactly the case with me too. I have learnt a great deal from here and do regularly read this forum and have been doing so since 2009. My first dslr was a E520 and then I got a E-P1

I had no choice as I don't have budget nor the capability to warrant an E5 which is the only sensible upgrade from a E520 if you want to remain a 4/3 shooter. So as per Olympus' roadmap I jumped into the m43 bandwagon

Comparing and contrasting the m-4/3rds to 4/3rds from the perspective of a 4/3rds user is something the users of this site are uniquely qualified to comment on.  I am not so sure that this is possible at the micro site.

Exactly. I know where to use my 520 and where to use my E-P1 after using them toghether for 2 years. So I still feel like I am a member of this forum and whilst I don't mind posting in the m43 forum - I am a m43 user not by choice but because of a forced roadmap laid out to the 43 shooter by Olympus themselves



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