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Re: Late September Light

a Chap wrote:

Hello herebefore,

In contrast to Zin, I like the gut-soda combo!  Lovely evening light, although I find the light on the fencepost a bit distracting.  I might crop off the left of the frame for an 8 by 10 ratio.

This portrait is interesting to me because it is unconventional in that there are many obstacles for the eye to overcome on it's journey of discovery.  In these late September days, the real man appears to be getting lost behind gut, soda and phone, and when we reach his eyes they are in shadow and disconnect, diminishing in importance behind his labours.  This poses the questions of who he is, and how we can get him back!  If this feel is not what you intended, some more light on the face and eyes would be the order of the day, I think.

All the best,

I like the way the eyes look in this shot.... kind like he isnt really there,  He has "left the building" so to speak..

I gave some thought to "fixing" the fencepost, but then never gave it an effort.... There is no "PP work" done on this other than a "touch" of clarity in Lightroom... I didn't want to mess up the color.. White balance is "As Shot".

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