Noise & sharpness D7000 & 16-85 Nikkor lens, C & C welcome

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Re: Noise & sharpness D7000 & 16-85 Nikkor lens, C & C welcome

Hi there, I regulary use the same combination for informal shots (my wife's camera actually). I have found that my lens needed -6 focus fine tuning to get really sharp images in general use. To get even better images I now move to focus compensation depending on the focal length that I am goingt to shoot at, but then I am serious about getting the very best from my equipment. The focus compensation varies from -12 at 16 mm to -4 at 80mm and doing this has made a large difference to the sharpness of the images. BTW, I had 2 examples of the 16-85 and there was a noticeable difference in sharpness between the two so there are production issues. I member of the club that belong to has had to set his camera at -18 to get good results, so please check.

I notice that the image of the young chap was shot at Iso 400. Good as the D7000 is, it does show sensor noice at anything above ISO 300 and it is made worse if you use a slowish shutter speed. The old photographers' dilemma of not enough light in one scene and too much in another will allways be with us (makes it fun though).

So, check your lens calibration (you really do not need any fancy calibration devices and charts, they are just a waste of money) and see if you can drop the ISO in general use to get maximum IQ from the camera. Good shutter technique is absolutely essential BTW.

Have fun!

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