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Re: I truly fail to see what you are trying to show here.

UZI2D30 wrote:

Jim 123 wrote:

Some call it "pattern noise", and oh it's really there.  Its not difficullt to see.  My scenario would be more like buying a Ferrari, because I love Ferraris, and bought it after saving money and waiting, then taking it on the road and having it start to shake at about 80mph...I just wanted to set things straight.  Besides if I ask a question looking for facts, why do I get such attitude?

I had the same thoughts reading through some of the responses to your post. The attitudes and responses are simply not helpful and make this forum a last resort for me any more. Agree 100% with the analogy. The 1DX output at ISO 16k is simply amazing to me. I'm sorry that other people choose not to shoot with it at high ISO and blame you for using your camera as it was spec'ed. For me, it gets me shots that aren't possible with my old 1D bodies. I've already shot about 15,000 shots with it at ISO 16k without seeing this problem, so having it show up at ISO 20k was a little deflating.

Thanks for posting and being the punching bag for the knucklehead apologists who aren't interested in being thoughtful.

Per your advice, I submitted my problem to Canon this morning. Haven't received feedback on the banding in the pictures, yet, but will message you when I either hear back and/or have my camera in for service.


I can take it.  Please let me know what happens.  It is a beautiful camera, hopefully it is a minor problem that can be fixed easily.



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