Please advise, Nikon d800e with 24-70mm v Canon 5d m3 with 24-70mm...

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Re: Well in fact

bobn2 wrote:

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Slideshow Bob wrote:

Vivid1 wrote:

The 85 Nikon? (You mean the 85 f1.2 Nikon??)

Yeah, because everyone needs f/1.2 for 85mm studio portraits. Anyone who thinks that f/1.4 will work is just kidding themselves! But hey, more dynamic range is just stupid, right?


Maybe you should read up a bit more - Dynamic range has nothing to do with f-stop.

Dynamic range depends on exposure, amongst other things, and exposure depends on f-stop, amongst other things.

Anyway you obviously have no idea what a half stop difference can do to background blur

You obviously have no idea that you won't get that half stop difference, here's why.

Bob you are being argumentative here with the exposure thing - you know exposure will be correct regardless of f-stop; no dynamic range implications there (or can you proof that d-range at 1/125 f1.2 is better than at 1/90 f1.4?)

f1.2 to 1.4 is 1/2 stop - maybe some technical reason could explain light gathering ability but not DOF - that's what I am talking about. Try the 50 or 85 at 1.2 compared to 1.4 - difference is subtle but the 'pop' is amazing

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