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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager
 Despite promises of a new, fully featured version "just around the corner", I see that IDImager is still at v3.6, the one I gave up on in July 2010. I know IMatch is very much a one man show, but over 2 years is a ridiculous length of time for an update. With the demise of IDImager I may go back and look at IMatch when the new version is released.

My requirements, as an amateur, are quite simple. Once I've downloaded my images, I add my name and copyright information, Image Title and description and keywords.
Having done that, and saved the information, all I want to do is search using keywords for specific images, for example "river thames, bridges, night" to find all the pictures I have of bridges over the river Thames taken at night. Surely this is not a lot to ask for, and something I find IDImager does quite well.
One thing I do not want is the need to generate "user scripts." I'm not a computer programmer and I don't want to have to write my own program in order to do something that should be an integral part of the program in the first place.

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Idimager is actually discontinued.. but is up to version 5.1 and is LIGHT YEARS better than what you were/are using in v3.6.  You should check out Idimager Supreme... it is much more basic compared to what you can do in 5.1 - but, the UI has been refreshed, the speed is amazing and all the general functionality that you need (based on your description above) is in place.

Although I agree that basic functionality is important, to me, the ability to further leverage the program via scripts is a huge addition... especially when it comes to metadata manipulation and GPS data usage.

Good luck!

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