Portraits w/ D800+85+105

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Re: Portraits w/ D800+85+105

Joe Marques wrote:

I assume your posting for some feedback?  You have a great camera and a great model.  The lighting, posting, and compositions need some work.

First shot is too tight, a bit too bright - especially the arms.  You've managed to accent this beautiful girls least favorable feature - the tip of her nose. Your goal should be to minimize it and take advantage of her great eyes, lips, teeth and hair.

The next two really bury the eyes in the extreme corners and show too much white.  Not seeing both pupils is simply a miss. I also don't quite understand either pose.

Bed shot is not a great pose and lack of catchlights make eyes a little dead.

The last is not bad.  Shows part of her very nice figure.  Best shot of the eyes overall.  Specular highlights a bit much.  Don't quite get the lighting which looks like an attempt at butterfly but at 45 degrees vs. top/bottom.

Keep shooting - good equipment with practice and feedback will bring on rapid improvement!



Thank you for your constructive comments.

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