Our freedom of speech is being taken

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Re: Our freedom of speech is being taken

sroute wrote:

Why do we have to have yet another thread about the #$)(#*$# forum software in the RICOH forum?

The News forum is a better place to discuss this site's design and policies, not only for categorization purposes but also because the forum managers actually watch it and participate from time to time. They certainly won't be tuning into this sub-forum for such discussions.

Banging your head against the wall in a deserted town will serve no purpose except for leaving dents on the wall.

This sub-forum may not be the most dysfunctional on DPR (I've not checked them all) but surely it must rank up there.

Consider this post a thumbs down. I don't need a plus or minus counter to express an opinion or to hide behind.

sadly nothing else to talk about: this is a gear site. the top posters are gear oriented (vs photography oriented) and without any new cameras you can only talk so much about rumor oriented stuff. so the new forum layout gave another subject matter in these difficult times. i am not sure if "upcoming gxr module" is more worthy discussion than the thumbs up and down....

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