Please advise, Nikon d800e with 24-70mm v Canon 5d m3 with 24-70mm...

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I repeat - Why do you need to pull 4-5 stops of shadows for studio work? (THAT was the question) If you do (or highlight recovery) please go back to 'studio lighting 101'

I have plenty of cases where I have had to spend a lot of PP time dealing with shadow noise in studio shots from a 5D. That was with a very soft even lighting setup. It's easy to say 'go back to studio lighting 101', but you can spend a lot of time and care on the setup, and you won't see the shadow noise by chimping, it's only when you begin to work on them that you find it becoming intrusive - by then its too late to go back and reset the lighting, and all you are left with is dealing with the noise in PP, and that is time consuming.

Fact is too that probably 90% of studio work can be done with 12Mp and the superduper high mp cameras just produce more storage fat.

Fact is, I've done plenty of studio work with 12MP, and while you can do it and get a good result, having more MP makes life much, much easier. It can drastically reduce your PP time.

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I have NEVER had to do shadow lifting for studio work - and I do plenty studio work. Also noise in the shadows is a non-issue in print. If anything I like setting blackpoint a bit down. If I have shadows, it is because I want them there - maybe coming from the film era, I've gotten used to not shooting for PP.

Sorry Bob but I can't see how more megapixels can reduce PP time - quite the opposite for me - unless you crop a lot, but even then I'd rather get closer and frame correctly. I find myself often softening (effectively reducing resolution from 21Mp) because I don't only shoot flawless supermodels. My clients would rather see soft imperfections than count every strand of hair. Your subjects/lighting/workflow obviously differs from mine

D-range is not a bad thing - VERY good for lanscapers, but not for studio work if you light correctly

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