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Re: Why

I just tried it too...   It won't work for me either.

When DPReview launched this new forum, I wrote a post stating that there are too many unprofessional mistakes in the new design...  ie, navigational elements were missing, among many other basic things which are basic functions.  I concluded that it was very obvious that whomever put together the new forum was inexperienced and had never tested it correctly before making it public.  In other words, very unprofessional.

Don't get me wrong, I honestly do like this new design and new forum.  Function, however, should not be crippled in any way once you decide to publish the new site for public use!  And, it is clear that some basic functions are still not working.  Images not loading correctly, nor loading at all, should never happen in a photography forum!  Those who can manage to insert/embed images in their posts are experiencing very noticeable file compression ruining their images.  This should never happen in a photography forum!  Launching a new website with navigational woes should never happen for any website!

As I have stated before, I did not sign on here to be a website editor or proof-reader.  I did not sign on here to be a website troubleshooter.  It has been a couple of weeks since the launch of this new forum and some basic function is still  crippled.  How unprofessional is that?

As I mentioned above, I do like the new design and if all functioned correctly, this would be a pleasurable site to visit.  For the past two weeks, however, I feel like I am visiting a high school web design class project.  Enough is enough DPReview.  If you plan to be taken seriously by your very serious advertisers, and hope to be taken seriously by your potential and current consumers (consumers of Amazon as well as consumers of your advertisers), you had better get your act together and publish a professional, functional website.


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