Official Fuji 18-55mm sample images

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Re: Official Fuji 18-55mm sample images

JCP_76 wrote:

I have all three lenses currently and am seriously thinking of selling the 18 and the 60 and purchasing this lens (I will keep the 35mm as I think that will go down as a classic).

-is anyone thinking of making the same decision as me?
-any idea of how the second hand market is holding up for these lenses?


Can you give more reasoning as to why you're thinking of making this lens switch?

I have nothing yet in the Fuji system (Canon user) but I'm close to taking the plunge on the X-E1.  I love primes, always have and it's what attracted me to the Fuji system to begin with.  So I'm shocked to hear your plan

Have the 18 and 60mm not impressed you all that much or are you just looking for convenience of the zoom?

I thought I would probably get the X-E1 with the 18mm as a package then adapt some Minolta lenses for some lop focal lengths.

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