Epson R1800 printing problem Help !!!

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Re: Epson R1800 printing problem Help !!!

Drew Hendrix wrote:

What paper are you using?  It is possible you're getting a head strike at the end of the print, which would result in those marks.

You might try setting the "Thick Paper" option.  In Windows go to the Maintenance tab, click Printer and Option Information then check the Thick Paper box.

On a Mac find the Extension Settings menu from the print dialog for that control.

Also, you can try giving the trailing edge of the paper a downward curl so that it pushes down against the platen.  This should help keep the paper down and away from the head.

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I have this morning tried out what you suggested regarding altering the paper setting to “Thick” paper and hi presto it has worked no smearing. The print head still hesitated a couple of time with about an inch of paper still to be completed but it carried on and no smearing appeared as before.

Been using this 280g A3+ plus paper now for about 18 months with no mysterious ink marks appearing towards the end of the paper until only recently and it was becoming quite frustrating

I would have liked to have shown the problem using a crop of the scanned area but yesterday uplifting an 104kb jpeg image from my PC did not seem to be working. I kicked of the uplift came back an hour later and it was still winding along. So im assuming that link does not work

I would like to thank everyone for their contributions to solving this problem all were gratefully appreciated



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