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Re: After you check and update your drivers....

The very next thing i would check is the power supply.

I have worked on several (maybe 7 or 8) PCs that were failing with BSOD in Windows 7, and all of them were giving odd/different error codes ...  all but one of them were "cured" with a new power supply..

The one that wasn't caused by a power supply was caused by a bad connector for the power supply on the mother board.

I cant stress enough that every time a system has "weird" BSOD crashes (with Win 7) that arent the same cause every time the power supply is suspect, until/unless I find a loose connecter or a failed part right up front.

I have "customized" a 650 watt PS so that it has extra long leads, and all the plugs likely to be needed...  I keep it on the shelf for testing systems.. I dont have to yank most systems apart to test the PS just disconnect the one in the box and plug in the "test supply"..

If the system still crashes, I can scratch power supply off the list...

The world famous "BSOD" has almost gone away with the advent of Windows 7... With Windows 95 through 98 they were very common.... I dont think I ever got one with XP-Pro (32 bit)..

Getting a BSOD with Vista, on a new system, fresh from the box caused me to put XP-PRO on that particular system.  I never did have VISTA on any system of mine for longer than it took to get a new key for XP-pro and install it...

I've been very happy with Windows 7/Ubuntu and see no reason to change from those.

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