Is anyone considering a move from the 5D2 to the 6D

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Re: Is anyone considering a move from the 5D2 to the 6D

Apparently yes! Here is one of several examples that I have read.

Read "In love with Nikon (former Canon user): Nikon FX SLR Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review" at

Here are a few of his comments:


I just switched from a Canon 5D Mark II to a Nikon D600. I have been shooting for about 10 years, and always used Canon until last week.

The first feeling I got with the D600 is that... IT JUST WORKS!

Focus: I take mostly static shots, portraits, landscape, my toddler (OK, not so static alright!)... I couldn't ever use the outer edge focus points on the 5D2, but with the D600, I nail the focus EVERY SINGLE TIME. It makes me feel better about my abilities as well. I really thought I was doing something wrong this whole time. But with the Nikon, zero problem. Focus on the eye, the eye is in perfect focus. Focus on the rock in the foreground, rock in the foreground is in focus.

Exposure: same considerations. The Canon metering is pretty "jumpy" or "erratic". It's hard to get a scene properly rendered, especially with a flash. With the Nikon: nailed it, every single time (matrix mode). The ultimate test: I shot a framed diploma (frame under a sheet of glass) straight on, with the flash (yes, it was just a test). The result: a perfectly exposed diploma, perfect focus, and a bright spot where the reflection of the flash went. Try THAT with a Canon. You'll get a properly exposed bright spot where the flash reflected itself, and the rest (the main subject) is 4 stops underexposed.

White balance: OMG! It nails it too, every single time! No need to constantly update the white balance in Lightroom for ALL the indoor shots, it does it right in camera!




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