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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

PalmOrphan wrote:

I have been using IMatch (www.photools.com) for some years now. While the UI needs some refresh (as someone said before, a new version is in close beta now),  IMatch has proven rock-solid and feature-rich.  I particularly appreciate the fact that there is a scripting engine (VB-like) that spurs the creation of many user-script.

The tagging system is extremely rich, is stored in XML, and can be exported at will so I feel super-safe in case something happens (such as the developer winning the mega-millions lottery - or the Euro-Jackpot in his case).

I was (am still) a paid-up user of IMatch, and for jpg images it was excellent. The IPTC editor enabled title, copyright, image tags to be stored inside the image file. However I found the problem came when using XMP sidecar files. IMatch does not automatically add image tags from the IPTC editor into XMP files, you have to use the separate XMP editor, which is a nightmare to use. I had extensive correspondence on the IMatch forum about this, and it seemed the majority agreed with me. In the end I decided that IMatch was not for me, looked around and found IDImager. The great thing about the keyword editor in IDImager is that it is transparent to the user. The tagging information is automatically written to the XMP sidecar file or to the image file, without further intervention by the user, which I think is how it should be. Despite promises of a new, fully featured version "just around the corner", I see that IDImager is still at v3.6, the one I gave up on in July 2010. I know IMatch is very much a one man show, but over 2 years is a ridiculous length of time for an update. With the demise of IDImager I may go back and look at IMatch when the new version is released.
My requirements, as an amateur, are quite simple. Once I've downloaded my images, I add my name and copyright information, Image Title and description and keywords.
Having done that, and saved the information, all I want to do is search using keywords for specific images, for example "river thames, bridges, night" to find all the pictures I have of bridges over the river Thames taken at night. Surely this is not a lot to ask for, and something I find IDImager does quite well.
One thing I do not want is the need to generate "user scripts." I'm not a computer programmer and I don't want to have to write my own program in order to do something that should be an integral part of the program in the first place.

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