Graphic of what brides spend on a wedding, and where.

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Re: it's my reality - what's yours?

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

You'll see in the lower right the avg reception charge per plate. What is it in your area? At the wedding venues you work at?  I bet it's close unless you are in a very depressed area or do high end weddings.

Yeah. That's about right.

I know a guy that does 400 weddings a year - his weddings won't be like this but he's in branson and does a ton of 1 hour jobs.

Wowsers. It probably works for him though. That's great for him.

If the avg bride spends $2300 and you're avg is $2500 you're doing well. But if you're only getting $1800 you should be asking why. If the venue's your working charge $50/plate that could be why, bit they're all $90 you're not getting paid as much you could/should be getting.

I guess these are all figures for Sat weddings.

A lot of venues are opening "budget" rooms, with a lowered price for plates. For example, a banquet hall room I shot in was actually a renovated basement. Small, fits about 75 people. Very nice though. Short time as well, 2.5 hours. I did 5. The larger rooms were empty. I know someone who works at a high end banquet hall venue and mainly it's business conferences, award shows, and cocktails, fundrasiers, etc. Ball rooms are down for weddings but "budget" rooms are opening up left and right in some of these same places. Guest lists are being downsized. So yeah, I'm still in the basement. I make no qualms: I'm WAY below the figure in the graphic.

I wonder what was the average number of guests?

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