Not sure if I did the right thing... from Canon 5D3 to D700?

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700 vs 600 focus speed

In single point AF the 600 is quick, maybe just a nick faster than the 700 in good light. I judge the low light ability to be about the same - ie the point at which they both begin to hunt. But the 600 does not track nor is it as accurate in 39 point "auto" as the 700 in 51 point "3d" - and this is by a pretty wide margin. I need to play with this more, but initially, based on shooting at a cycling event, the 700 just works more accurately, it was actually no contest.  The 700 just locks and then tracks with out effort. The 600 appears to be jumping all over its 39 pt grid nervously, "unable to make up its mind", and would return whole strings of shots where the camera had focused several feet behind the target even though I was quite sure I had placed and held the grid correctly (done my part) on the target. The 700 otoh would produce  strings of shots and maybe one or two shots would be not quite there, out of 6-10 shots, but then the rest would be good.  It never returns a whole string back focused ...

Also, the 700 VF is really noticeably larger and brighter - and the focus points light up much more brightly and obviously (the red flash).

That is my impression so far - couple the 700's 8 fps with grip, and you have a clearly better atheletically inclined rig in the D700 (with the grip).

Considering we are talking about a 4 year old camera, that is saying something about how strong the 700 has been all along ...

But for me, these attributes do not matter as much as the increase in dynamic range which has a direct benefit to me in the things I shoot - so for the most part the 700 is now my backup body ...

Also, the addition of the MB14 grip turns the 600 into an almost perfectly sized camera for me - really counters the "cheap" comments for me, the camera looks and feels great and "just right" in hand.  In fact when I go back to the 700 - it feels a little large, and the shutter is much louder than the 600 (a real drawback in some situations).

I am just lucky to not have had to choose between the two ...

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