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Re: CANON 1D X - COLOR BANDING are we talking about the same?

Mikael Risedal wrote:


I try to translate into my Swedish head what you mean ? , come again

(Probably a window on camera left and the stripes could be the shade of the blind)

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Hello Mikael,

As Dan seems to be away, let me try and explain what he means. Nothing like a French trying to help out a Swedish with an English language issue to improve the general level of mutual understanding on the planet

I think that Dan is suspecting that there was something like Venetian blinds obliturating a window on the left of the scene. The banding would come from shadows projected from the window on the chair, in that case.

However, shadows would follow the shape of the chair, which is not the case here (straight strips). So I don't think this hypthesis stands.

In an earlier post to this thread, you mention the possibility of uneven read out calibration. Can you explain for the less technical oriented  ? Thanks in advance.

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