Rushed Bodge Job Photo

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Rushed Bodge Job Photo

Ok, I'm not looking for critique here, I'm just sharing a pic and the story behind it. I am my harshest critic and I know there are some issues with this photo, so I'll go on and explain. BTW I am an amateur snapper and have never done anything like this before.

I recently received a call from a friend who was put in a tight spot after a Gen Y photography student cancelled an organised photo session (decided 30 minutes notice was sufficient). I was given only enough notice to throw some stuff in a bag and drive to the photo location. By the time I had arrived there was less than 30 minutes left for me to play with as the venue was starting to get busy for dinner service.

I was not familiar of the location so quite a bit of time was spent scouting the venue and coming up with a concept for the photo. The scope was quite... vague. By the time I had decided on here we'd shoot and what the concept was I had only about 5 minutes left to get the photo. By this stage the venue was getting busy and I had chosen to shoot across the entrance, with people continually walking past. We managed to get about 5 walk-bys done before we had to leave.

I didn't get any time to closely examine the shot and fine tune it. I checked the essentials which appeared OK so whatever was wrong, was wrong. I'm no PS whiz (actually my tag/name is a better description) but I did very little PP in Lightroom, just to make colours pop a little. I had to get the pic out that night, so I partly excuse the PP bodge on this.

So now some issues...
* Non-straight horizon, I was limited for space with a 70-200 @ 70 I was backed up against a wall. The tight framing meant rotating pic in PP would cut into the lady on the left.
* Derek Zoolander not central between the ladies. Not enough time to get it right.
* Derek Zoolander shoulder/neck a bit bright. No time for PP games, but I think I'd struggle with it without affecting the background.
* I should've fired the flash on second curtain to get blur behind Zoolander. I also didn't realise he was wearing sunnies atop his noggin, giving the unsightly blur. No time to closely examine pic at the time.
* Didn't have a second light to get some eye reflections on lady on left due to angle of eyes to the ceiling-bounced flash. Probably would've been difficult anyway, given the angle that'd be required to get the reflection would mean the second light would start to intefere with the scene.
* Ever so slightly uneven flash coverage.
* Busy background, I think it adds a little, but maybe a little too much, I think the foreground activities holds the eye just about enough to not get too distracted.
* A few other niggly scene issues
* Colours are pretty full on, especially yellow, but this was partly intended and I didn't have time to get it to where I was completely happy with it.

So no time to prepare equipment, scout location, brainstorm, fine-tune and post-process. Shooting in a cramped and busy location with workers being ever so polite on hurrying me on. Yes a little hectic but it was fun, and that's what it's all about for me.

Almost forgot to mention the concept. I wanted to focus on the friends and provoke the viewers to guess the story behind the girls. Perhaps a more conservative girl having a smile at catching her friend (a little less conservative maybe) getting googly eyes over a ridiculously good looking waiter. I didn't want to complicate it to much and I wanted to keep focus on the girls,
so I burned him in with a short burst of flash.


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