My new X-E1 in OZ from Ebay

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My new X-E1 in OZ from Ebay

Hi all

I am finally back in the Fuji camp after once having an S2, but now use a D700 and D3 for my work.  I also have an Olympus Pen with the pancake prime which is a tad smaller than the Fuji.

I received my X-E1 and the 35 "Limited Hong Kong edition" from Digital Rev a couple of days ago good enough price at $1500 Aus $.

The image quality is impressive and comparable with my Nikons that is for sure.  THe 35 wide open is very sharp and gives a great look to the image.

A couple of things I have not heard of in the reviews so far is things like the aperture dial on the lens is very easy to turn even though it has click stops. If you support the lens with your left hand instead of holding the small camera you will easily accidentally change the aperture.

The box it comes in is well thought out, good quality and black, but they skimp out on the hand book manual as its almost made of tissue paper.

The battery door takes a while to get used to as it is very similar to the Olympus except the locking lever does not snap shut like on the Pen. You have to slide the lever over to lock it, a bit annoying.

The strap is a joke, and way to short for anyone bigger than a child.

The Nikon flashes work fine on it (not TTL though) but it is very difficult to see what shutter speed you are on as the flash goes over the dial as it is right beside the hot shoe.  I would hope the fuji flash is not as wide.  Also its very unbalanced with the Nikon flash on it, what did help though is to turn the flash head backwards and bounce of from behind you that way the weight of the flash head is brought back more and thus more balanced.  This is where the grip would help, but going with the grip means no half case suitable which is what I want to fit.

All in all I love the camera, looking forward to the zoom to see if I can replace my Nikons when the X-Pro 2 comes out.  Took the camera on a job with me to see what comments I would get today and take a couple of snaps but when I got there I realised I had left the battery on the charger, damn.

The Evf takes a little getting used to.


Randal Photography

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