What's worse, marketing or the people influenced by marketing?

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Re: What's worse, marketing or the people influenced by marketing?

joesuburb wrote:

I was just reading various blogs and sites around the Internet and noticed that the excitent seems to be around Sony this week.  A bit of Fuji excitement too.  This is mostly related to marketing events the companies are holding in some new products.  They look swell.
The OM-D was the flavor of the month for a few months.  During that time people got so wound up attacking m4/3 and it just seemed so stupid at the time.  I own an OM-D.  I love it.  It's not perfect, but nothing is.
All the trolls seem to have disappeared since the OM-D isn't the flavor of the month.   It just dawned on me that the same dumb people that troll are the same dumb people that marketing works on.  Just an interesting correlation on a slow afternoon.

IMO that shows a complete lack of self awareness. We are ALL influenced by marketing.

Christ, the fever of anticipation over the OMD shows that. and you bought one mate. it worked.

As for the trolls, maybe theyve gone quiet now that the same 'fever' I mentioned has abated.

For a good few months all we had was grown men getting all excited over some 'uber' camera

that they hadnt even seen , let alone used. now THATS marketing and those that are most prey to it.

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