Merrill goes to Manila

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Re: Merrill goes to Manila

TClair wrote:

I think a lot of the problems people have with the camera is the way they use it.  Not that they use it wrong just not how it optimally works.  I have very little complaints with the camera.  Battery life, image review, low ISO usage or AF speed has never bothered me.  You just have to pick a camera for your type of shooting and subjects.  Of course I come from many years of shooting ASA 25 and 64 speed film (400 speed film had grain the size of table salt), manual focus no image review until you processed the film and usually no batteries except for the light meter.  The camera makes excellent images and I can make it work for me.

You are certainly correct. I can make this thing work, and get wonderful results. It's just that, coming from a pro-level DSLR, this GLC does have its limitations. The lousy battery life, the glacial write times, trying to squint at the screen to see if the focus has locked, composing without a view finder, keeping shutter speeds above 1/50, keeping ISO below 400. It is what it is, and I am willing to work with it to get the shots I want. Thanks for the encouragement.


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