Elinchrom D-Lite vs BXRi to go sets

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Re: Elinchrom D-Lite vs BXRi to go sets

dmbsurfer wrote:

the difference lies on the power and RX 600 recycles faster.

And btw, check out the new BRX that replaced BXRI, confusing eh?

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Well, I know about new lineup, I even suggested it in one other thread. Elinchrom made some evel lower level entry lights, as well as upgraded BXRi with new wi-fi, PC SW manageability and iPad options - usefull, but mostly fancy stuff.

Well, I initially wanted BXRis too, but the reseller (which is also big studio owner) suggested me more robust RX line, as I want to rent my studio, and you never know, who's going to use the lights and how heavy the usage is going to be.

Well, I already decided about 3x RX600 intially, but I am also a beginner, so curious to know, if for my purposes the BXRi/BXR line would be just as fine as RX line ...

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