Luego's Panasonic GF3X: How sharp is the Vario PZ 14-42mm lens?

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Re: Luego's Panasonic GF3X: How sharp is the Vario PZ 14-42mm lens?

Luego wrote:

Well, I'm getting soft and sometimes double images at FL 42mm. Got myself a new copy of PZ 14-42 which shows some improvement, but it seems a camera issue.

After some extensive testing at FL 42mm, the shutter speed range between 1/30sec to 1/1600sec introduces soft and sometime blurry images. Any shutter speed below and above produces "normal/acceptable" images.

I have tried the cam with legacy lenses and ended up with same results. Perhaps the "shutter- slap" is the culprit, that causes the sensor to move, who knows.


This is a wel-known problem with the 14-42 PZ. One possible solution is using a G5 with electronic shutter (which has its own restrictions).

But aside from higher costs this package is also a bit bigger than the GF3/5

I would get a GF3 body only kit and buy a 20mm F1.7 and the 'old' 14-45 Kit-zoom which is quite sharp.

So you'll get a small package with the 20mm and added low-light capability and the zoom delivers flexibility when needed. Shouldn't be much more expensive than the GF3X kit...

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