Trade X10 for Rx100?

Started Oct 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
Ol Iver S New Member • Posts: 7
my experiences


i´ve already done what you are considering.

for me the rx100 is the legitimate disciple of cameras like the fuji f10/11/30/31... being small and delivering great image quality.

the x10 is a little bigger (but that makes the difference!) and it has (by far!) better dynamic range capabilities. since i am not a jpeg-shooter at all and used to develop pictures from raws that´s the main thing that i really miss about the x10. you have sensible more room for highlight recovery, the rx100 doesn´t even come close!

if you´re looking for the best really compact package, then go for the rx100! but don´t expect it to exceed the x10 in every aspect... i propably would do the change again, but i think it´s important to realize that the rx100 isn´t perfect, too.




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