I'm thinking about switching to NEX from K5+

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Re: Good point about NEX lens, Jim

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Let's subtract $450 from the Pentax side as the NEX-6 is comparable to a K-30 in features.  Now who really wants to give up OS just to use those cheap Sigma primes?

The reason I picked the K-5IIs to match the Nex-6 is my perceived excitement value. The Nex-6 is the small body APS-C with EVF that I think a lot of people want, and the K-5IIs is the first APS-C body without an AA filter I can buy.

As far as the Sigma lenses go, I'm one of the ones that will give up OS. I just bought a Nex-5n, had it about a week now, and my plan was to buy the 16mm f2.8 and the 16-50mm powerzoom when it came out in Jan. The 16mm f2.8 was for the eBay, 40m, underwater case, and the 16-50mm powerzoom is so my wife could use the camera for her needs.

I bought the 16mm a few of days ago and have had it to play with the last couple, and it's not bad, even without OS. I'm thinking the 16mm, 19mm, 30mm, and 50mm (with OS) will be a fun kit to have. I'll probably buy the 30mm next year, the 50mm the next, and then finally the 19mm the next year. A couple hundred or so a year extra isn't bad for me, and I'm in no hurry as I have a Pentax kit already.

Thank you                                                                                                                             Russell

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