Canon User with a Nikon D600 (Part 2)

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Re: Canon User with a Nikon D600 (Part 2)

MajStriker wrote:

7. Dynamic Range - I'm sorry, I really am not seeing anything different here than in my 5DIII. Maybe its because I don't try to underexpose by 3 or 4 stops and push all my shadows 100%. In fact, I try to spend as little time in post processing as possible, I go on vacations to enjoy them, not spend them hunched over my laptop in the hotel room. I understand that the D600 has a measurable advantage according to DXO's testing, but in my style of shooting I'm just not seeing a difference....certainly not the kind of difference that is noticeable when you aren't comparing side by side.

To see the difference in dynamic range, you need high dynamic range scenes as well as tone curve to reveal this high dynamic range. In camera default tone curves, or default tone curves on raw converters are usually optimized for low to mid range dynamic level, because otherwise the photos may come out too flat in contrast. But you can optimize the in camera tone curves for high dynamic scenes too, if you are not inetrested to PP to reveal the high DR - just turn ADL on and select the level (eg low, normal, high etc). Just beacause the default tone curves are not optimized to reveal the high DR does not mean it is not there.

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