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So I'm not crazy after all!!!!!!

UZI2D30 wrote:

Holy heavens. I have this exact same problem!

I was asking one of the more active DPReview posters about it recently to see whether he had seen anyone complain about it. I've seen my 1D-X exhibit it at ISO 20k shooting RAW.

1 of 2 from ~180 pictures. Bars always in the middle 1/3rd of the picture frame (top-to-bottom) and what would be the right half (left-to-right).

Next picture in the same sequence (same second, was part of the above burst with movement). Places where there was banding in the previous picture are perfectly smooth.

Curiously the second shot that you posted have the bars in the same place as the the first picture I posted above do. Also all of the other pictures that I have exhibit the problem in the same spot.

Where in the frame was the crop taken from in the first picture you posted?

Sorry to hear that.

The banding was found in the upper right corner, people are calling it "pattern noise" now.  The pattern noise seems to be found on the right side consistantly and prominantly along the bottom and more faintly on the top.  I am worried that it is progressive and will get worse.

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