Lens of D800 AF issue

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Re: Lens of D800 AF issue

KG2002 wrote:

Just got my new D800. 50079xx S/N

Tested with Siemens star target and with 50 1.4D lens, ISO 100 Aperture at 1.4 Long exposure but with 2s exposure delay. Tripod, re-focus after each shot.

Tried Live view followed by corresponding sensor.

- Center sensor is spot on all the time, live view is very close to AF-S

- Right sensor s the same, but a bit worse then center

- Left sensor however is perfect 30% of the time. Like center sensor perfect. 70% is visibly off on AF-S test.

I took like 20 shots with left sensor.

Is it camera or the lens?

I also have 85 1.4G and old 17-35 2.8. Can try them both. Not sure if it shows up at 2.8 or on 85mm 1.4G

Just tested with 17-35 @2.8, high ISO/short exposure. Same result.

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