Can we say DP review did a terrible disservice to Fuji ?

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Can we say DP review did a terrible disservice to Fuji ?


Contrary to the trend, I decided for fewer mp and bought a Fuji S3 

I just wanted to say hi to the Fuji Forum, and I don't care it's only 6 mp.

In this day and age, we normally forget some important considerations:

- most will agree 6mp is about equal to 35mm film in resolution (and with less noise/grain as a bonus).

So many powerful shots were made using 35mm film, for 100 years.  By definition, that ensures 6mp is plenty, and enough for many uses.

- I don't ever crop in post. I only shoot fashion, and have all the time and FL to compose while shooting.

- Number of pixels means very little, actually. What matters is lighting, composition, content.

Content can be on a message the picture evokes, or a esthetically gorgeous lighting and composition.

If it's all there, your shot will be powerful, no matter if it's 6 or 60 mp.

Before I end my post, I have a message for DP review.  Hey, DP review, you've made a terrible disservice to Fuji at that time, don't you think?


I've always heard of the Super CCD's huge DR, but could actually find very little proof of its real performance.

DP review is more concerned at telling you it's not a real 12mp camera, than saying it out loud how HUGE the DR really is.

I mean, wow, there's what, 2 or 3 raw-converted images in the gallery vs 30 in-camera jpegs! You can't show that monster DR with in-camera jpegs.

I've spent many years believing Fuji's acclaimed DR was some sort of gimmick or exageration from Fuji's fanboys.

Maybe I'm 8 years too late in the party.

Fuji folks already know this like backwards by now... but hey, we, users of Canikon, didn't know this !

I just gathered the precise info about Fuji's highlight headroom these days, when I decided to buy it, and was shocked how impressive it really is.

Imagine a mildly over exposed shot. (from ETTR technique)

From my experience with some cameras, you should expect to recover (in ACR):

Nikon D200:           0.8 stop

Hasselblad H31:      1.4 stop

22mp Leaf Aptus:   1.4 stop

Nikon D700:           2.0 stops

Fuji S3 / S5:           3.5 stops or more.

Please note, above info are not scientific values, but it goes something like this.

The sad thing is:  Fuji quit the Super CCD design, in order to compete in the mainstream sensor race.

Imagine a Full Frame Super CCD, with 20 (real) mp, and today's technology (15 stops+ of DR).

One is allowed to dream...

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Marcio Napoli

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