Did anyone purchase the Leica M-E?

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Re: Did anyone purchase the Leica M-E?

Adrian Cristian wrote:

I see it in stock at Dale Photo and others, I wonder if anyone purchased it already and can give a first hand impression on the camera?

Thank you,


I purchased the M-E, from Dale Photo even. If you've used an M9 before it's basically the same camera. As stated earlier, the color is different and the now missing USB port and image field selector.

I'm fine with the color, others abhor it To each their own. The missing USB port is not an issue for me. I don't use it any of my cameras. The image field selector definitely has it's value but when I used an M9 I never saw myself using it as well.

I chose the M-E because I wanted to buy new. In the US, the price difference between the M-E and the M9/M9-P were $1045/$1545 respectively. To me, color/USB port/image field selector was not worth that price difference.

Buying used will definitely get you an M9/M9-P for less than a brand new M-E.

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