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Re: uneven calibrated read = pattern noise?

oklaphotog wrote:

Jim 123 wrote:

Given an option would you send it in for service or exchange it

Like someone said above, it's a coin toss. As a former CPS member, I will say that Canon Service always did fine work on my gear. I would think they will spend more time putting it back together and doing it right than one that was mass produced on the assembly line, especially a 1 series. It will probably take longer to have Canon service it than to exchange it though. I haven't seen anyone else reporting an issue like this, and QC on 1 series cameras during production is better than any of their other cameras. So it's likely that if you exchange it, you'll be just fine.

Canon service may just send you a new body too, which wouldn't be any different than an exchange. The aperture actuator in my 24-105L died in less than 30 days after I bought it and they just gave me a new lens. You might call the California service center and ask them their opinion. (949) 753-4237 is what I have in my files for the Irving, Ca  center. (I'm assuming you're in the US.)


Your experience is very helpful.


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