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Kerry Pierce wrote:

Dinahhs3 wrote:

Just curiouse why people are waiting so eagerly For the D400 while the D600 looks so amazing , in the fx forum I am reading amazing stuff about the D600

The d400 should be the d300s, on steroids. The sensor should be much improved, as will be the AF module and overall performance should be even better. When the d400 does arrive, you'll be able to read amazing stuff about it here. That's a normal response to every new camera. Lots of hype and enthusiastic users posting their happy thoughts.

What are you waiting in the d400 that is not found in the D600 ? (lets set the price aside)

We're waiting on what I've written above. The d400 should be a high performance camera with higher overall capability than can be had with the d600, especially for telephoto work. But, again, this is speculation and will remain so until the d400 is actually in our hands. The d300 was a fantastic camera when it was announced. We expect the same from the d400, but only time will tell if that is true.

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Kerry, that's exactly it.

Without discussing the merits of DX vs FX anymore, but rather in discussion of further perspective of what the D400 is about... the D200 came out around 2005.  The D300 came out in 2008, and improved in just about every area, and and actually made it a lot easier to create better images. Now it's 2012, and we're just looking for the next step, the D400. Pushing the envelope a couple of steps further. To affirm that this is not possible, or practical, or that it makes little business sense, or that we cannot have D4 performance for 1/3 of the price, is perhaps a mistake in judgement.

It's simple... the D400 is the next logical update for a similar market that purchased the D200, D300, D300S.  High end serious enthusiasts, motorsports shooters, wildlife shooters, sports shooters, different sorts of professionals... millions of units sold.  Some are moving on to different cameras which suit them better, and new people will be stepping up.

And then who knows what the future brings in just a couple of years.

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