Anyone tempted by Fuji X Line?

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Re: Anyone tempted by Fuji X Line?

I have a NEX 7 and Fuji X-E1 (ordered from DigitalRev).  They're both great cameras, but I prefer the Fuji controls.  The handling is just easier with the aperture ring on lens, and the shutter speed and exposure compensation dials don't move accidentally. Fuji wins with better jpegs out of camera, but the NEX looks better at low ISOs.  I've become more of a jpeg man lately, so the NEX has taken a backseat to the Fuji.  If you like manually focusing, the NEX is easier to use with manual focus lenses - nothing beats focus peaking.  Spec wise, I think everything else has been said already.

The one thing that made a big difference for me in improving my compositions was a rangefinder style viewfinder.  Being able to see outside the framelines on a rangefinder (an M9) kept me from getting tunnel vision, and helped me see more interesting compositions.  I think I'll buy the successor to the X-Pro1 just for the OVF, with what I assume will be an improved EVF behind it.  Using the Leica also made me more conscious of slowing down to deliberately compose a photo and nail the exposure and depth of field.  I've taken this deliberateness back to my shooting with the NEX and Fuji.  At this point, your camera choice comes down to preference - choose what features/qualities you prefer.  Both cameras are capable of producing fantastic photos.  In the meantime, just get out and shoot!

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