D4 Battery Life Fail.

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Re: D4 Battery Life Fail.

MashingTheGas wrote:

Took my D4 out for its first serious use of interval timing. Set up to shoot 360 shots @ 30 seconds each. Cut it loose, went back three hours later, reset for another 360, cut it loose, went back three hours later and discovered the second series only captured 110 shots before the battery died. Haven't shot "normally" in the hundreds of frames numbers and haven't experienced a battery running dead in "normal" use.

Having said that, it's worth noting that one of the three batteries I took on this trip was made in 2011 and refused to take any charge for over three hours. Batteries #2 & #3 were made in 2012 and charged without any trouble at all.

When you are doing interval shooting, try going to the Custom Settings Menu and setting the Auto meter-off delay to its minimum value.  This reduces the CPU run-time as much as possible.

If Li-ion batteries become discharged below a certain level, they must be trickle-charged until they return above that level, before full-rate charging can begin.  That may explain what happened with your battery that seemed to be refusing to take a charge for a few hours.

So far, my experience with the D4 battery has been good.  My last major event ran 4 days, and I took almost 90,000 frames.  I generally avoid letting the battery run below 30%, but in spite of that, I needed to swap the battery out less than 8 times.

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