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Re: uneven calibrated read = pattern noise?

oklaphotog wrote:

Jim 123 wrote:

Mikael Risedal wrote:

Jim 123 wrote:

Taken with a Canon EOS 1D X at iso 26000 f5.6 125.

This is a crop from a shot taken at a very high iso 26000 @ f5.6 125.  I see pinkish banding. Is this acceptable/normal at such a high iso?

are we talking about the same banding?

white dots  (by me) showing banding, and this looks to me as  a uneven calibrated read out point (channels)

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Hi Mikael,

Thanks for helping all the way from Sweden!!!

Yes this magenta striping or banding has been called "pattern noise" and is what I am referring to. If it is "uneven calibrated read"  then is it very serious, what can be done to fix, will it continue?

The first picture is pretty good considering the settings and circumstances. Most people dream of getting that clean of an image on lesser cameras On a very well calibrated monitor it's just barely noticeable. I doubt it would show in an 8x10" print. No 5D shoots that good, that's for sure and I wouldn't be worried at all about that, it's pretty acceptable considering the circumstances.

The 2nd image is very bazaar and I would be concerned about that if it happens regularly. The fact it's only on half the image even though that chair with similar tone and exposure continues across the frame is even more strange. I can faintly see the stripes going across the khaki pants as well. Although I probably wouldn't shoot above iso 6400 due to quality reasons in general, I would think that if half the sensor is rendering correctly and the other half isn't, I would say something is wrong. If this is happening consistently, I would shoot raw,+jpeg process the raw with acr and see if it still shows up. If it doesn't it's probably the jpg engine and can be fixed with a future firmware update. I doubt it's the jpeg engine though, and would probably be prepared to send it to canon service with full res copies of the images.

Given an option would you send it in for service or exchange it?

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