Studio Test Shot...K5-IIs!

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Re: Studio Test Shot...K5-IIs! - compared to K-5?

Wesley Wong wrote:,

We spent the last half and hour of the session trying to shoot moire, but we just couldn't. I'm not saying it won't happen, but in most condition it's hard to induce.

From my experience, moiré happens when you least expect it.

With the kind of subject you shoot, try a bra made from untextured fabric. You won't see the threads within the bra's fabric with your naked eye. But it may still produce color moiré. This is why it is so hard to force moiré. And why it is often surprising to discover it when you least need it. It IS an issue in the studio for fashion shoots. Only for a few images but it does occur. I say so from my experience with shooting w/o Bayer-AA filter.

However, at f/11 you are already close to the point (f/14) where diffraction acts as a pseudo AA filter. If you want to see moiré, shoot wider.

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